About Me


I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia loving nature and travel. My photography obsession started in my elementary school days when my mom bought me a Fisher Price camera which I used to take photos of my dog and LEGO sets. I was fascinated with the camera as a tool which enables people to capture moments which last forever.

I always looked at photography as a hobby and a form of self-expression. Landscape photography as art that excites me because of the natural human extinct and desire for exploration beyond our norms. There is not one person who has seen all of the fruits and landscapes that our beautiful earth has to offer. I look at landscape and travel photography as the means to transport people to a specific moment in time on Earth where they can experience our world and feed their desire to travel.

My journey has just begun on my quest to document our world. Thank you for being here and joining me on this quest of exploration.


I shoot with Fuji X series cameras. I currently use a Fuji X-T2 along with various Fujinon lenses. Before switching to Fuji, I did most of my photography using Canon’s, iPhones, and Samsung phones.

Post-processing is done using Adobe Lightroom CC.