Center City, Philadelphia


It is cold, colder than normal.

In these types of situations we retreat to Chinatown and Center City for a Sunday of exploration in the city of brotherly love. Having some hot dim sum brunch and retreating from winter hibernation was a nice change of pace!

This was the first day where I had a chance to try out my new FujiFilm X-T2. It was a cloudy day which made it a bit challenging to shoot but I was happy with the results.

Hopefully these photos convey the bitter cold that we were enduring this day.



New Orleans

New Orleans. One of the cities I have longed to visit for many moons.

We decided to travel there for Thanksgiving week considering that “Hey, why not travel for the holiday?” It was a great choice considering that we got flights for dirt cheap. Hotel was not too bad either since we traveled in the offseason.

(Thanks Frontier! ‘thumbs up emoji’)

What attracted us to NOLA was the food, history and oh yeah, the music.

From chilling on the rooftop of a bar in the French Quarter people watching, listening to live jazz while eating some shrimp Po’Boys. The culture in NOLA was something I have never experienced before which made it such a unique and memorable experience.

My personal favorite part was going on a swamp tour and exploring the Louisiana Bayou.

Probably the funniest part of the trip (which I still quote to this day) is when a local told us about Bourbon Street’s “gravy.”

I thought this man was talking about some creole gravy, when really he was talking about all of the frozen drinks and puddles of alcohol that accumulated on the sides of the street that resulted in a pretty memorable stench that reminded you of the aftermath smell of a college party.

The food, culture, music, sights, landscapes, and experiences that NOLA has to offer is one of the gems of the US.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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